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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 26, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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craig: all right. i think what we learned is that girl from the "taken" smeeves ooh-la-la out of her mind. so let's recreate the scenario. you be liam neeson and i'll be here. we'll do "taken 3" escape from the studio. all right. you be there. i'm running over. geoff: quickly. quickly. there is no time. there is a bomb in this pomegranate. [laughter] craig: i don't think i could do even a halfway impression of her. i'll be patsy from "absolutely fabulous" and you be liam neeson. geoff: take two. quickly. there is no time. there is no time. there is a bomb. there is a bomb in the coconut. quickly. good night.,,,,,,,,
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booze runs.. and going shop, you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. governor, can i talk to you for a minute? why won't you look at any of the tape we have on caltrans. >> wait a minute. why won't you show it to us? >> state workers caught making some booze runs and going
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shopping on your dime. the investigation that led to this confrontation with the governor. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. we will have that story coming up. but first, we have learned about a crazy story involving one of the historic home run balls from last night's world series game. juliette goodrich tells us all about it. >> reporter: hi, dana. first and forecast, what a game tonight. but, yes, everyone talking about pablo's three home runs that he blasted out of the park yesterday. would you believe that one fan did in fact get the third ball. how she got it and what she did with it is really a story in itself. >> into center. >> reporter: when pablo sandoval hit his third home run in last night's game, you won't believe where the ball ended up. >> he said, you know, where is the ball? where's the ball? and i'm not gonna tell him.
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so i'm right in here. >> reporter: she was sitting in the outfield. when the ball went over the fence, she claimed she went over, or rather, fell over the bleachers, 20 feet down. >> and then i went down over the railing. >> reporter: and there she was, just feet away from panda's record-breaking home run ball. >> i picked up the ball and the crowd is going crazy. >> reporter: she attempted to climb up to the fence but she was quickly hauled off by giants security and arrested for trespassing. >> she said she fell. is that possible in that location? >> it's possible but it's a pretty steep fall. >> reporter: so where was the ball? >> when you were arrested, i hate to ask this, the ball was down your pants? >> it was. >> reporter: despite her bruises and torn jeans, she says she would have given the ball back to panda. >> where is the ball right now?
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>> it's in an area, recovered by the giants staff. that's who has the ball right now. >> reporter: that giants fan did in fact have a legitimate ticket, so she wasn't necessarily trespassing in her bleachers seat. the d.a. will file charges but she says, rain or shine, she is still a die-hard giants fan. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> she's got the bruises to prove it. all right. well, two down. two to go. madison bumgarner was left out of the giants rotation against the cardinals in the national league championship series. he was put back in for the world series. it paid off. another marvelous move by bruce bochy. pivotal play with prince fielder on first. the ball takes a sharp bounce off the ball. third base coach decides to send the 275-pound fielder to the plate. and look at that. relay from marco scutaro. on the money.
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fielder, out. game stays scoreless until the seventh. hunter pence scores to give the giants a 1-0 lead, but it was something. and they would add another run in the eighth and win 2-0. they've got a 2-0 series lead. bumgarner strikes out eight people without allowing a run. the giants are heading to detroit, feeling pretty good. >> did it feel any different out there for you tonight compared to the last too? >> yeah, i went into the seventh inning instead of being taken on the third. >> were you surprised they sent prince down in the second? what was your view on that play? >> it was a hit off the wall. they took a perfect relay to get it done. >> drop the piano. coming up in sports, more from the giants locker room. dennis will have that. and a preview of game 3 in motown, coming up. we want to take you out live to oakland now.
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it has been one year since the occupy oakland takeover of frank ogawa plaza. and tonight, a couple dozen people are in the plaza to mark the anniversary. the occupation led to police action, more protests, more police action, and a muddled response to it all by city leaders. a couple of hours ago, about 200 demonstrators marched through downtown. about the same number of police officers were there as well. protesters blocked traffic every now and then, but it has been a largely peaceful night. cbs 5 reporter linda yee is there keeping an eye on things, should anything change. demonstrators told her, though, that they don't want a repeat of last year's violence. we've also learned that the chp will be taking to the streets of oakland to help the stretched police department. officers will be deployed starting next week to boost patrols in high-crime areas and help with traffic enforcement.
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a similar enforcement is planned for stockton. a bay area mom got quite a surprise when she tried to pick up her six-year-old son from school. the boy, who is autistic, wasn't there, and nobody knew where he was. the remarkable route he took to get where he got. >> i could have been working on my son's obituary today. that cannot happen. it is not acceptable. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, the six-year-old was attending an after-school program in hayward. his mother came to pick him up just after 5 p.m. and made the horrifying discovery. >> the police were not killed until they realized that he was missing and he was not on the campus. >> reporter: a half dozen police officers and nearly every adult on campus frantically searched the area. half an hour later, the boy's mom got a call from chuck e.
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cheese, more than a mile and a half away. the manager had spotted the number on the medical id bracelet. >> it was like, mommy, why are you crying? i was just like, oh, my god, you can't ever leave school. >> reporter: the principal denied an interview. but the after-school staff claims he made a run for it when the mom picked him up. he avoided a dragnet of police and adults, navigated a busy intersection, and walked 1.6 miles to this chuck e. cheese in less than 30 minutes. even the principal admits the numbers don't add up. the first grader couldn't say how he made it across all that rush hour traffic. >> at times it was scary but you made it through okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: crystal, the pta vice president, says the after- school staff was negligent.
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>> you want them to get fired? >> whatever happens, happens, and i don't feel sorry for them. >> reporter: in hayward, kiet do, cbs 5. lose weight and shape up in ten minutes. dr. kim has got a hot new workout routine even used by nasa astronauts. your san francisco giants might be shaking in detroit. wait till you see how warm we're going to get here this weekend. four forecast coming up. caltrans employees drives home, even running errands on your wine. how they made a detour around the governor's order to cut costs. we follow the money, coming up next.
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most of you taxpayers know that california is billions of dollars this debt right now. but it appears that some caltrans employees are making an end run around the governor's order to cut costs. they were caught on camera buying wine, shopping at nordstrom's, while they were still on the clock. cbs 5 reporter david goldstien follows the money. >> i can show it to you right now. can i show it to you right now? >> reporter: the governor didn't want to look at our video. we caught this caltrans employee buying a case of wine. this one shopping for shoes.
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this one buying food. all driving away in these $30,000 pickup trucks rented by caltrans with your money. >> you're on state time. you just bought a case of wine. >> no comment. >> reporter: we found employees using dozens of these new pickup trucks. >> ford f150. >> reporter: rented by caltrans, even though the agency had been ordered by the governor to reduce its fleet to save money. caltrans has put the for sale sign on more than 1300 vehicles since the governor's directive. but according to documents, the agency is renting as many as 200 vehicles a month. we discovered monthly bills of 30, 40, 50,000. some more than 100,000. we found in just the first nine months of this year, that cost taxpayers three quarters of a million dollars. the agency claims the trucks are needed to conduct state business and can only be used
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for that purpose. but we watched some caltrans employees using the rental trucks like their own cars. >> he's getting out now. >> reporter: take baker, a supervisor. he makes more than 100,000 a year. >> he's backing out. >> reporter: we watched him take this rented truck and drive it home and back to work, day after day. on some days, like this one, he'd leave the office a few hours after he got there. >> he's going to the liquor store. >> reporter: and he'd stop at this liquor store. not just once. >> he's getting in the car. >> reporter: but again and again. the clerk even knew what he wanted. he'd get two small bottles of liquor, sometimes stuffing them in his pocket. we'd also see baker using the truck to go shopping at coles, home depot, costco. even buying a case of wine, on
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two occasions. all the time using the rented truck and gas paid for by taxpayers. >> mr. baker, i'm with cbs 5 news. why are you buying wine on state time, sir? this is a car rented by caltrans. you're using it as your personal car. you take it home every day. taxpayer money that goes toward renting this car. >> i'm sorry. i've got no more comments. >> you didn't say anything, sir, not just in "any more" comments. is this good use of taxpayer money, sir? >> reporter: with that he drove away, empty-handed. >> mr. baker, you left your wine over here, sir. mr. baker, you left your 12 bottles of wine. >> reporter: we returned the wine. an hour later, we found his rented caltrans truck returned to the yard. >> he's in the car. >> reporter: and he wasn't the only one we saw using the rented trucks for personal use. >> they're coming out. >> reporter: we watched this
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man shop at nordstrom's. this one goes shopping for food. and this one going to and from home, in a shiny rented ford f150 that you paid for. >> why are they representing trucks for people like you to take home, to go to lunch and things like that, on taxpayer money? can you answer my question, sir? why don't you talk to me? >> reporter: we offered to show the video to caltrans and to the governor. they both declined. >> can i talk to you for a minute, please? why won't you look at any of the tape of caltrans. >> why won't you show it to us? >> i'll show it to you right now. are you going to take my phone? >> reporter: he returned the phone but accused us of withholding the video. then he resorted to name calling. >> excuse me? why did you say that, sir? >> reporter: but while the governor wouldn't look at the video... >> we saw him over and over and
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over again in the same liquor store. >> reporter: bonnie did. she heads the house transportation committee. >> i don't care who you work for. buying wine on the job is unacceptable. >> i'll get caltrans on the phone and then we can talk. >> reporter: within hours after the governor made that promise, caltrans finally agreed to look at our video. >> it seemed to us that they were using these cars like their personal cars, on the taxpayer dime. >> yeah. from what you've shown me on the video, it appears that way, but we won't know that until this investigation is complete. >> reporter: the agency says that could take weeks. they also say the practice of renting trucks on taxpayer money is now being audited. >> here we go. >> reporter: but so far, it's still going on. in a statement, caltrans says it, quote, has an approved allocation of leased vehicles. employees are allowed to take the vehicles home when it is in the best interests of the
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state, including when it is more efficient and cost- effective for our personnel to commute directly to a jobsite from home. well, there is a hot new workout routine that promises to help you lose weight, shape up, and improve your health, in just ten minutes. nasa even used it to prep astronauts for space. dr. kim gives it a shake. >> i just feel a lot more energetic. >> reporter: five times a week, she likes to shake it up. it's called whole body vibration. >> i feel toned. like my stomach gets flatter. >> reporter: invented by the russians to boost bone density and muscle strength, the technology was used by nasa to help astronauts prepare for space. i took it for a test shake. >> that's a lot of shaking.
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>> reporter: the plate vibrates, transmits planes of energy and your muscles have to react to stay on. >> it activates 97% of the muscles over the body at the same time. >> reporter: resulting in a quick, more efficient workout. in a study, roughly 70 young unathletic women used either ten minutes of vibration training or 60 minutes at the gym. at the end of several weeks, the results were the same. but those shaking up did it in a fraction of the time. the true believers are lining up. >> we were like, yes, we will. >> i feel it in my core. i'm standing up straight. >> i'm able to pull my belt on one notch tighter. that's a good thing. >> reporter: he says he's no longer in pain. and while it may not replace your workout, it may be a good way to shake it up. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5. the entire east coast is
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preparing for what forecastest are calling frankenstorm, a combination of hurricane sandy and two other storms hitting just in time for halloween. accepted has already ravaged cuba and the bahamas. 2 is people in the caribbean -- 21 people in the caribbean have died. now floods in miami and on tuesday, sandy is expected to hit new jersey, meeting with some cold arctic air. >> that means there's the possibility of storm-force winds, major coastal flooding, power outages and in inland areas, we could be looking at some significant snow. >> wow. on halloween. forecasters say it could affect the east coast through the end of next week and cause $1 billion in damage. >> brutal there, very different here. our weather could not be more perfect. and it gets even more perfect as we head toward the weekend, a big contrast between the west coast and east coast.
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here's a look at that storm right now. it's hurricane sandy. watch as the cone of uncertainty pops up here. headed right towards new jersey, new york city, boston, virginia, d.c., all areas that could be dealing with a hurricane by the top of next week. for us, crystal clear outside. chilly in san jose. santa rosa, 50 and livermore, 53. it has been snowy enough in the mountains that squaw valley opened up for business today, earliest opening in 51 years. skiers loving it. boreal opening up tomorrow. get ready for ski season. chilly, not cold enough for snow but it's chilly in napa. you'll wake up to 43. high pressure is building in. we can tell this because the storm truck has now been shoved north of the oregon-california border. high pressure continuing to build in tomorrow, morning fog but lots of afternoon sunshine.
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and as high pressure builds even farther to the north, we get a dry northwest flow of air. great weekend to get outside, maybe barbecue on saturday, sunday evening. on monday, it's going to be equally nice. we warm it up beginning tomorrow. san jose, 73. the average high there is 74. 72 for palo alto. mid 70's for san ramon. pittsburg tomorrow, 73. and friday in petaluma, 72. the downtown san francisco, 68. alameda and richmond, right around 70. beautiful weather for the weekend. 80's inland. mid 70's near the bay. we'll stay warm on monday, cooler on tuesday, with showers returning for halloween next wednesday. and the following day on thursday. that's your cbs 5 forecast. the world's first recording star. the voice of a very famous american you have probably american you have probably never heard be,,,,,,,,,,,,
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get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ finding it on i- tunes: "music" what y it's one of the most exciting
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recordings to hit the music scene in years, but good luck finding it on itunes. what you're hearing is the first ever recording of a musical performance. thomas edison etched it on tinfoil in 1878. over the summer, it made its way to the lawrence berkeley national lab. researchers there have had a lot of success in digitizing some of the world's oldest audio recordings. >> when edison recorded that thing, he used a stylus that impressed the sound vibrations vertically into the surfaces. >> incredible. the 78-second recording also features a man reciting a pair of nursery rhymes and what may be the first ever blooper, because he laughed twice after
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reciting the wrong words. pretty electric out here. the giants are in the driver's seat of the ,,
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last nig arms as detroit and dennis o'donnell has tonights sports right, live from at&t park. dennis? >> reporter: kenny, last night it was all pats. madison bumgarner did have a lot at at&t. no score in the second. prince fielder just never stopped running from first base. marco scutaro's throw is there. fielder makes the first out of the inning at home plate. and the tigers do not score. bottom of the second inning, gregory blanco's line shot hits doug fister in the head and goes into center field. fister shakes it off. he gets out of the inning, apparently with his faculties intact. madison bumgarner was brilliant. allowing just two hits three
2:05 am
seven shutout innings. but still no score. seventh inning, brandon crawford hit a ground ball to omar infante, who decided not to come home, instead getting the double play. giants lead 1-0. then bottom of the eighth, pence this time at the plate with the bases loaded. he does the job with a fly ball to right. plenty deep. top of the ninth, sergio romo will close it out. they win 2-0. they will go to detroit, leading this series 2- 0. >> we saw what happened to our team when they get to league. we gotta go out there and just keep playing like nothing happened tonight. obviously they play well at their house. we gotta go out there and get it done. >> there's nothing, no. there's a little bump. that's about it.
2:06 am
>> i don't want to make light of it, but it was kind of comical really, because doug was right on with everything. i was scared to death when it happened. >> can you describe what hunter brought to this team emotionally? can you give us a sense? >> i don't think we have enough time for that. i mean, he's, you know, i hope he's here for a long time. >> i don't really think they're getting any breaks. at this point, they've outplayed us. they're playing good. they're playing like the giants play. they're good. they're really good. >> reporter: saturday night, ryan vogelsong will pitch for the giants. previously 52 teams in world series history have taken a 2-1 series league 41 times. the teams with the 2-0 lead have gone on to win the world series. so... smells a little bit like a smells a little bit like a world championship right now.,,,
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all right. we're heading to detroit. it's going to be cold. >> it's going to be cold saturday. colder on sunday. and the latest forecast model says a slight chance of snow flurries on monday night. >> so much for the boys of summer. but you know ,,


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